He Who Controls the Trough

I read a report from Brookings today about food scarce communities and it reminded me of the first time I read Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael years ago. (If, on the rare chance, you haven’t read it – stop everything and do it now. It’s just that kind of book) But here we are nearly 30 years after and it seems like humanity is spiraling even faster than before.

Instead of increasing agriculture – it’s dying out. (They keep saying that and I keep buying produce at the market so I hate to wonder if farming is a career of extinction…what the hell am I eating?) Our resources have continued to decrease while our human population has continued to increase. I say human because we all know that the massive fishing and deforestation and mining that takes place to support the ever growing human population is showing a very huge and negative impact on animal and plant life.

Everything Quinn said about “locking up the food” has become even more true today. Do we have bread lines? We have nearly 14% of our population on food stamps. And an even greater percentage that regularly utilize food banks to supplement their groceries because many food giveaways don’t ask for proof of income.

And what about the wealthy? Don’t you see them rushing to get their Trader Joe’s organic free trade coffee beans? Lined up week after week for endless food festivals and brew house events? (I kid you not here in Spokane we fill our downtown with food vendors all Spring and Summer from Hoopfest to , literally, Pig Out in the Park )

I mean, it sounds like someone was reading Quinn’s books and putting it into action…just maybe not the ones that should have been. It might be interesting to note that Ishmael won Ted Turner’s 1989 fellowship for a work of fiction showing promise in global solutions. Ted Turner, who has stated he thinks the U.N. should control the world and that we need to depopulate the planet by well more than half of us.

So you lock up the food. You control the trough. And when the time comes – you starve the unwanted population so that you can enjoy the wonderful resources that are left on Earth that will now replenish themselves because most of us are gone. Food for thought…literally.


Truth vs Ego

The search for truth is a perilous one. Not because there are suited men in sedans coming to silence you at every turn. No, my friends, our own egos are the biggest enemies to the search for honest answers.

  • I Will Only Believe the Facts if They Support Trump/Hillary

Are you seeking the truth or aren’t you? I continually post items on my Twitter, only to lose 25 followers of one side and gain 20 on another. I, personally, do not really care for Trump – although I do see what he wanted to do & respect that. I also detest Hillary. I have since her husband was President. These are personal opinions that may cause a sarcastic quip or two about politicians, but has nothing to do with the truth I am searching for or sharing. And it shouldn’t matter to any of you either. Truth does not play favorites I am afraid. It simply is. If you are ACTUALLY a truth seeker, you will not put cotton in your ears the minute someone says they don’t like your candidate.

  • Swiping Credit for “Internet Fame”

I have seen big name lawyers and local housewives do this one. Everything from collaborating on research and then putting their own name on it to stealing witty tweets from Twitter “nobodies” and claiming them as their own instead of just re-tweeting. Is a small following of the tin hat society really worth racking up crap karma? This one I am going to guess is only partially about ego as many of these internet warriors for “truth” have things like paypal accounts that their followers donate money to. Either way, it’s a dick move.

  • Seeing That Last Dot When There Really Wasn’t One

Let’s be honest. In the world of citizen journalism there isn’t always hard proof. Sometimes there is only a pattern of behavior. That is perfectly acceptable and I usually ask myself that question constantly – ‘Is there a pattern or proof?’. However sometimes that last dot seems to connect when it doesn’t. Frustration, ego, myopia, all of the above….forces that dot to connect when it doesn’t really. It can turn your whole research in a direction that is damaging to your credibility if it turns out to be too far off.  A close cousin to this would be seeing connections everywhere instead of specializing in one area or on one story.

Citizen journalism is the future. It is the truth outside of big corporations. Already with the Panama Papers we are seeing the world take note of this re-emergence of what journalism used to be. Just make sure you are always listening for the truth and not the ego.